Book Review of Noughts And Crosses

I am officially going to start my first book review on one of my favourite book of all times.’Noughts And Crosses’This mindblowing book is based on the past of the blacks and whites and the social inequality that occured between them which caused so much divisions and conflict.

Even though there is still racism about today it still makes you remember how harsh and sad it was a long time ago.

In the past the whites had dominance and control whilst the blacks were powerless and most were condemned to slavery;they were trapped and unable of having any freedom and rights.

However Malorie Blackman has put a tremendous unexpecting turn on this and has swapped the role around.Now the blacks have control,dominance and are wealthy however the whites are the complete opposite.

Through the conflict and tension underlies an extraordinary romance between a black girl called Sephy and a white boy called Callum.When they were young,both their parents allowed them to associate with eachother but as they got older both sides of their families realised the differences they had which brought upon them not being able to be around each other.

From that point on they both decided to meet in secret and that’s when the love  rose between them.They took massive chances,they risk their lives and ignored the negativity that came upon them just so that they could share and be in each others lives.

There is more thrilling events that go on in the book and there is also a series to Noughts And Crosses which is great because you get to find out what happens to the characters .This is my favourite book and will always be ,it has been a great experience and has led to my massive interest for romance books.

This book I recommend to everyone but if your not interested in romance why don’t you give it a read and see whether it’s up to your likings or not because you know what they say never judge a book by it’s cover.

This book is a page turner and everything that you read will grab your heart in so many ways.It’s so inspiring,passionate,sympathetic,romantic of course…I could go on forever but this now has to come to an end.

What’s going on in the world right now ,everyone should come as one.Everyone should be respected for what they wear,what they believe in,where they are from and the colour of their skin.


p.s I will be writing about other things other than romance .



Romance book lover ❤

Hello guys i started this blog earlier on today and  i appreciate it for people to come and read and spread there ideas through what i write .Romance has and will always be my favourite book genre.I want to spread my love to my favourite books that I have read  to the people who have an interest for romance and hopefully you guys will love them too .I’m not a fan over some lovebooks which are just constant happiness I love them when they have twists and turns and when the characters learn something truly important.I love a mysterious,thrilling romance 😩I dislike the boring,dull ones😌